Q? Q: If I am making an application under the previous process, can I continue?

A: Yes, you can. However if you want your application to be considered under this process you must submit the all the requirements of the first stage (mandatory) by the 14 November 2014.

Q? Q: English is my first language and I was educated in English, do I still need to complete an IELTS examination?

A: All nurses and midwives who trained in a country outside of the European Union (EU) must undertake the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) at the academic level and achieve a minimum score of seven in all areas. The test must be taken by all applicants going through the overseas application route, including those whose first language is English or who hold British citizenship.

To maintain consistency and impartiality, we will not assess English language competence in any other way.

Q? Q: What are the minimum requirements for a nurse to apply to join our register?

A: The adult (general care) programme must include theoretical and practical instruction in the following areas:

-General and specialist medicine.

-General and specialist surgery.

-Childcare and paediatrics.

-Maternity (obstetric) care.

-Mental health and psychiatry.

-Care of the elderly.

-Community/primary care nursing.

Once registered in the country in which you trained, you must have been practising as a registered nurse for at least 12 months (full-time or the part-time equivalent). This practice must be registered; we cannot accept any unregistered practice.You must also complete the academic version of the International English Language Test (IELTS) and achieve a minimum overall score of 7 in all areas.

Q? Q: How long will my resume/application stay on file?

A: All resumes and applications stay on file for 6 months.

Q? Q: Will I be considered for positions other than the one I am applying for?

A: Unless you indicate otherwise, we will consider you for other open positions, that you are qualified for, in the facility while your resume is on active status.

Q? Q: Can I call the Nurse Recruiter to check on the status of my application?

A: Feel free to call Nurses jam Recruitment anytime from 9am to 6pm to check the status of your application at 0333 006 4506.